The pints of Carolina Cruz and Carlos Calero for the renewal of marriage vows of the presenter

Carlos Calero and Paulina Ceballos made a mutual promise that every time they celebrate five years together as a couple.  They will renew their vows at the wedding.  And for this reason, They had A total of five different weddings, throughout the 25 years they have been married.

This Monday was the fifth wedding of the couple. And this was the celebrated in an intimate way in a church located of the city of Bogota. Although the celebration was quite private and reserved, among the short list of guests at the ceremony, his partner in the morning show of Canal Caracol, Carolina Cruz, made an appearance at the ceremony.

Unlike the look, she wore for the wedding of the chef of the same program, this time Carolina Cruz opted for a more relaxed look.

Carolina Cruz and Carlos Calero’s looks for the latter’s wedding
The moment, despite being exclusive for the couple’s family and guests, the ceremony was exposed thanks to a ‘live’ that Paulina Ceballos. Carlos Calero’s wife made it on her personal Instagram account, broadcasting the religious ceremony.

Carolina Cruz can be seen in the video.  when she approached to greet the couple. There she is seen wearing a white blouse, a gray wide jacket, and beige pants. She did not wear high heels, but moccasin-style shoes in white.

Carlos Calero, on the other hand, got married with the same look with which he presented the episode of ‘Día a día’ on July 11; he wore a light blue shirt, with a gray blazer and dark pants, as seen in the following image that the presenter uploaded to his Instagram account:

Ceballos was who looked the most elegant among all. He wore a white dress, with V-neck, tight to the body at the top and loose at the bottom. The sleeves had different designs, with dots, and on the forearm they were loose. Her hairstyle was simple and wavy.

From minute 30 of this video you can see in detail the looks of Calero, his wife, and his magazine partner Carolina Cruz:

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