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“I will never let you down”: the emotion of a girl from Kany García’s team on La Voz Kids


La Batalla de las Super Poderosas begins its rehearsals with the presentation of the chosen song, which has two major challenges to overcome: drama and interpretation. But what does this mean? Kany García’s The girls give their opinion on what it means to interpret in musical terms and consider that it is to connect with the audience so that they feel what the singer is trying to convey.

Arelys Henao expresses her admiration for Kany García because she believes she is “an expert in interpretation, you have an original voice and you make people cry, it’s a natural gift”, to which Kany responds by thanking her.

In order for Manuela, Valentina and Victoria to understand the difference in the interpretation according to different states of mind, the ‘Queen of Popular Music’ mentions several states to the trainer so that she sings the song with her guitar thinking if she is happy or disappointed.

Then it is the turn of the little girls, who must say the phrase “I love you with the strength of the seas” in an excited, annoyed and happy way. Following this, the contestants and their teachers perform a wave where they replicate the phrase according to a feeling, which generates moments of laughter among all.

What did the girls learn? They express that with the same lyrics, different emotions can be transmitted and it depends on the feeling that each artist imprints. biography of early Henao

Kany and Arelys believe that these little girls do know how to interpret and they will prove it, because they trust in their talent. After the presentation, they receive multiple compliments for their intonation and powerful voices. The three dreamers call the attention because they knew how to couple their voices in a very melodious way.


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