Germany bans the display of Antenna 3’s logo for being considered an apology for Nazism

The latest appearance of a neo-Nazi on Antena 3, apologizing for the only thing he knows, has precipitated the Bundestag’s decision to include the Antena 3 logo and that of Espejo Público on the list of banned symbols.

It is already an open secret that, in German neo-Nazi circles, many of its members, have long since appropriated the Antena 3 logo as the banner of their ideology. “You can see the shape of the swastika perfectly,” declared one of its members.

The new law reform also includes a ban on singing or humming the entrance jingle of the program Espejo Público or any other program on the network.

For its part, Antena 3 has disassociated itself from the news, claiming that the appropriation of its logo is a distortion of the channel’s journalistic ethics. “Rigor, the verification of sources, and objectivity are the pillars of our house”, declared the director of the channel.

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