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Does Live A Live have a secret ending? Answered


Much like other recent HD-2D games such as Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy, Live A Live features multiple stories with a large cast of characters. Each character in Live A Live has a different time period to call their home and a story seemingly separate from all the rest. Another similarity shared with the other games mentioned above is that Live A Live has a secret ending.

How to unlock the Live A Live secret ending

Once you finish all the character scenarios, there is one final ending scenario that incorporates all the characters into one story. This last story will ask you to select one of the seven main characters from the cast, and you will start this new scenario with them as the leader. It’s important that you do not pick Oersted as the main character for specific plot-related reasons.

To get the final, true ending you’ll need to recruit all of the main characters that you’ve already played as in the previous scenarios. Once you’ve managed to recruit every character, you’ll want to proceed to the final boss and win the fight. To get the true ending, you want to choose yes and let him live.

There are no complex requirements to meet for anyone to do to obtain the hidden true ending, and it’s not even very hidden, to begin with. If you play through all the scenarios, this ending will be obtainable by any casual player just by continuing to play until the end. The only potentially tricky part is to know that you need to spare the final boss.

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