Apple Glasses: estimated launch date in 2023

With reports confirming that mass production of Apple’s augmente reality glasses will begin in March this year, the timelines for a likely release date have begun to update. This time, it’s truste Apple leaker Ming Chi Kuo who claims that. The long-awaite devices will be unveiled in the spring of 2023.

Via his Twitter profile, Kuo claims that Apple is still facing delays with its mixed reality headset. Some of them related to drop testing of mechanical components and the availability. Software development tools. Indee, Kuo predicts that. Apple could announce it during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

With an early announcement and if production keeps pace with Apple’s expectations. The analyst also believes shipments will begin in late Q2 or Q3 2023.

After years of waiting for augmented reality glasses. Even listening to Apple executives talk about their excitement and expectations for this new technology. But not confirming any devices, the latest leaks have set the record straight. Offere more likely features regarding this launch, such as the following:

Apple will introduce an augmented reality and virtual reality device.
The Apple glasses will be manufactured exclusively by Pegatron.
realityOS will be the name of the likely operating system.
They will be made of aluminium, glass and carbon fibre.
The leak indicates that the Apple glasses will be able to run iOS apps in two dimensions.
Apple could manufacture a total of 2.5 million units of augmented reality and virtual reality glasses, a very limited production run due to the high cost.

In addition to the above data, it is also presume to be a gaming-focused device, with a very expensive price tag and power equivalent to that of a Mac with the M1 chip. And it would only be the first version, as Apple has big plans for this technology, which could be the future of the company.