Man attacked his mother with an axe to the head

On Saturday afternoon, a man allegedly killed his mother with an axe to the head in the Cerro Los Placeres area of Valparaíso.

The incident occurred inside the home where the two lived together, according to the Valparaiso Investigative Police (PDI).

The perpetrator of the crime reportedly told his relatives about the murder, who subsequently alerted the various emergency numbers.

This was confirme by Flavio Espinoza, head of the Valparaíso Homicide Squad (BH).

Man attacked his mother with an axe to the head

At the scene, police officers confirmed that the victim had sustained blunt force injuries.

Finally, the man was taken to the Valparaiso Homicide Squad. After that, he will be placed at the disposal of the justice system for his detention control during the day this Sunday.

A terrible parricide was uncovered this Saturday afternoon in the Placeres hill in Valparaiso, where a man was arrested for the death of his own mother.

The 56 year old man, in the middle of an argument with his 86 year old mother, took an axe and struck her violently in the head. SAMU personnel were only able to confirm the death of the woman.

The incident occurred at around 18:30 in the home they shared, and according to Cooperativa, when the Carabineros arrived, the aggressor confessed to everything that had happened.

The accused will be brought before the courts in the next few hours, while the Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered the Homicide Squad of the Investigative Police (PDI) to establish the circumstances of the parricide.