Xbox patents a system for personalised ads in video games

A new patent filed by Xbox covers the possibility of introducing personalise ads in online games. It is a technology that would recognise specific spaces within those games to display.

Non-intrusive” content there, according to the document. This could be used to display advertising in multiplayer video games, such as free-to-play projects, in order to achieve a new form of monetisation.

This is not the first time such a patent has come to light: earlier this year, insider reports surfaced that Sony.

Was working on introducing ads into its free-to-play games. Attempts to integrate advertising into paid games have always been unsuccessful.

Xbox patents a system for personalise ads in video games

The best known case being UFC 4, which experimented with an in-game ad system and ended up removing it due to criticism from the community.

Ads integrate into Xbox Game Pass games?

Getting back to Xbox, earlier this week we heard a survey that talked about the possibility of seeing. A new subscription plan for Xbox Games. Pass that would include ads in exchange for a price drop. This possibility is still just that, a possibility. But perhaps it could end up having some sort of relation to the patent. It goes without saying that patents don’t necessarily indicate that a technology is going to have a real application. In many cases they are simply used to register an idea or ongoing research and nothing more.

In the event that this in-game advertising system goes ahea and has something to do with the Xbox Games. Pass subscription, Microsoft will have to find a way to avoid what happene. Netflix the video-on-demand platform launched a cheaper subscription with ads that faile. So badly that it had to return the money to advertisers.

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