Venezuela graduates Cryptoassets Technical Consultants

A few days ago, the graduation of the first graduating class of students of the. Technical Consultant Diploma in Cryptoassets” was held in Venezuela, coming from the Universida Panamericana del Puerto (UNIPAP).

According to the rector of the institution, Dr. Jesús Leal, this event represents the culmination of an innovative programme within the digital era “in view of the fact. That the trend points to a population immersed in this form of economy”.

Venezuela graduates Cryptoassets Technical Consultants

“Today, we are concluding the Diploma in Cryptoassets, an innovative activity in the digital era. We are basically talking about digital economy. New terms, a new vocabulary and a new praxis where for many it is as if we were in a science fiction programme. But this the economy of the future and we are already preparing interested people to enter this world,” said Leal.

Graduates of this diploma course are able to understand the importance of this new digital economy, through the use of cryptocurrencies.

Venezuela has one of the highest stablecoin adoption rates in Latin America. Moreover, the country had already included studies relate to digital assets in the curriculum of several of its universities.

Venezuela graduates Cryptoassets Technical Consultants

Venezuela graduates Cryptoassets Technical ConsultantsIn Venezuela, the graduation of the first graduating class of students of the “Technical Consultant Diploma in Cryptoassets”, taught with the support of the Universidad Panamericana del Puerto (UNIPAP), was held on Friday 20 January.

According to a report by the newspaper Noticias 24 Carabobo, the activity was held at the Hesperia Hotel in Valencia, Carabobo state, and was attended by academic authorities of the university, special guests and the general public.

According to them, those who graduate from this diploma course as Cryptoassets. Technical Consultants were trained to understand the importance of what this new. Economic world order represents through cryptocurrencies.

In this regard, the Academic Coordinator of the Cryptoassets Technical Consultants programme. Dr. Pedro Velasco, pointed out that this diploma course was a team-built project. As it is a new and cutting-edge subject.

“It was designed with a lot of enthusiasm and with the best spirit to learn about. The new economic ecosystem that is being built through cryptoassets”, he mentioned in his speech.