US makes military flights amid North Korean threats

Nuclear-capable bombers and US stealth fighters made flights on Tuesday. In a show of force against North Korea, as North Korean leader Kim Jong. Un influential sister taunted doubts about her country’s military. Threatene a test of the full range of its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The deployment of B-53 bombers and F-22 fighters for joint manoeuvres with South Korean fighter. Jets was part of an agreement to protect South Korea. With all available means, including nuclear ones, according to the South Korean Defence Ministry.

US makes military flights amid North Korean threats

The exercises, which also involved South Korean F-35 and F-15 fighters, were held in waters southwest of Jeju Island, the ministry said. US F-22 fighters deployed to South Korea for the first time in four years and will continue this week to train with South Korean forces, it said.

The manoeuvres came after North Korea announced in recent days the launch of a test satellite to develop its own military spy satellite, and the testing of a solid-fuel engine for use in more mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles.

US makes military flights amid North Korean threats

North Korea has already fired a record number of missiles this year in warning over previous military exercises by Seoul and Washington, which it regards as a rehearsal for invasion. There are fears it could react to the allies’ new air exercises with a fresh round of missile tests.

Earlier on Tuesday, Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, used derogatory terms – such as “malicious put-downs”, “rubbish” and “barking” to criticise outside analyses that have cast doubt on North Korea’s development of spy satellites and long-range missiles.


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