Tomato flu: These are the People Most Affected by the New Disease

A new disease was detected in India, the so-called tomato flu, a viral condition that has been identified in different regions of the Asian country.

Its existence was reported in a publication of the digital journal The Lancet, in which a group of researchers consolidated all the information that has been collected on the strange disease.

For the moment, the tomato flu has been compared to the mouth, hand and foot virus, caused by the Coxsackie virus, due to the similarity of its symptoms.

In fact, for the moment, its diagnosis could only be obtained after ruling out infection by this pathogen, and ruling out that it is a case of dengue fever or chikungunya virus.

Who are the most affected?
All cases detected in India to date have involved young children, who present with painful reddish welts, which increase in size to resemble a tomato, among other symptoms.

“It is known that it mainly affects children under 5 years of age, but in the last month, in India, more than 20 cases of children under 10 years of age were also reported”, explained to Meganoticias Plus, Gema Pérez, pediatrician of Clínica Dávila y Vespucio.

The doctor also pointed out that due to the characteristics of the pathogen, all children and immunosuppressed patients would be the most vulnerable to the disease.

Why are they the most affected?
Due to the characteristics of transmission, children are the most affected, in the same way, that occurs with a more common disease, such as the mouth, hand and foot virus.

“Like all respiratory and digestive viruses, it is transmitted from direct contact with lesions, through the respiratory tract and in the feces, stool of children. It is important to take the same measures that we always emphasize for the prevention of Covid and any type of virus,” added the specialist.

For the moment, no patients with serious illnesses or deaths related to the infection have been reported.

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