Strona główna Biznes The Best EPL Streaming Services for 2022, Watch Premier League Soccer 2022

The Best EPL Streaming Services for 2022, Watch Premier League Soccer 2022

The Best EPL Streaming Services for 2022, Watch Premier League Soccer 2022
The Best EPL Streaming Services for 2022, Watch Premier League Soccer 2022

The Premier League takes a break now, with international fixtures filling the next couple of weeks before games resume with Week 9 on Saturday, October 1.

If you’re raring to get stuck into the EPL then you’re in the right place, because we’re here to show you how to watch Premier League live streams of every single game. And don’t worry if you’re on holiday right now — because you can watch it all from anywhere with a VPN(opens in new tab).

And it certainly promises to be a big week packed with vital matches. In fact, the first fixture, on Saturday, is one of the biggest: Arsenal vs Tottenham. Not only is this a fierce north London derby.

The Best EPL Streaming Services for 2022?

Other games on the Saturday include Crystal Palace vs Chelsea, Fulham vs Newcastle, Liverpool vs Brighton and West Ham vs Wolves.

Sunday also has a huge match — namely Man City vs Man Utd. And remarkably, United could draw to within two points of the champions with a victory. Leeds vs Aston Villa is also that day, while Leicester vs Nottm Forest finishes things off on Monday.

The good news is that you can watch it all — because every game is being live streamed somewhere in the world.

So read on to find out how and where to watch all of the week’s Premier League games, wherever you are.

How to watch Premier League live streams of every game

Every Premier League 22/23 game will be streamed live online somewhere in the world. The trick is in finding out where.

In the U.K., for example, only 200 of the 380 matches will be streamed live — but in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, soccer fans can watch all of them.

That’s good news wherever you are, because a VPN — or virtual private network — will let you tune into U.S. coverage from anywhere on the planet. And the same goes for every other country. So, if you’re an American on vacation in the U.K., you’ll be able to use one of the best VPN services to watch the games live on your usual services.

Our favorite right now is ExpressVPN(opens in new tab), thanks to its combination of superb speed, great customer service and excellent device support. It also offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee, so you could check it out without having to sign up long term.

How to watch Premier League live streams with a VPN

If you’re not in your home country during the Premier League 22/23 season and are unable to live stream a game from wherever you are, you can still tune in via a virtual private network, or VPN. A VPN makes it appear that you’re surfing the web from your home town — meaning that you can access the streaming services you already pay for. It’s all totally legal and easy to do.

We’ve tested many different VPN services and our favorite is ExpressVPN(opens in new tab); it offers superb speeds, excellent customer service and a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out first to see if it’s right for you. But you’ve got other VPN options too, so check out our full list of the best VPN services.

Speed, security and simplicity combine to make ExpressVPN our favorite VPN service. In our testing, we were impressed by its fast connection times and by its ability to access more than 3,000 services in 160 locations across 94 countries. A 30-day money-back guarantee is another bonus.

1. Install the VPN of your choice. As we’ve said, ExpressVPN(opens in new tab) is our favorite.

2. Choose the location you wish to connect to in the VPN app. For instance if you’re in the U.K. and want to view a U.S. service, you’d select U.S. from the list.

3. Sit back and enjoy the action. Head to NBC, Peacock or another service and watch the game.

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How to watch Premier League live streams in the US

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Soccer fans in the U.S. can watch all 380 games of the 2022/23 Premier League campaign via NBC Sports. The games will be spread between NBC, the NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), CNBC, USA and the Peacock streaming service, as well as being available on the in new tab) website. We’ll include full details of which one you need for each game in our fixture listings below.

If you’ve cut the cord and don’t have cable, you have plenty of options, too. Our pick of these would be Sling TV: the Sling Blue package costs just $35 per month and comes with more than 30 channels including NBC and NBCSN. But best of all, right now Sling is offering half off the first month(opens in new tab), making it a great way to watch the soccer.

Fubo.TV is another option. This costs $70 per month but gives you 121 channels, including NBC and NBCSN, plus lots more for sports fans to enjoy.

To watch the games on Peacock, meanwhile, you’ll need either the Peacock(opens in new tab) Premium service ($4.99/month) or ad-free Premium Plus ($9.99/month) version.

If you already use those services but aren’t in the U.S. right now, you can watch Premier League live streams by using a VPN such as ExpressVPN(opens in new tab).

Sling TV offers two packages, both of which cost $35 a month. The Sling Blue plan comes with 30-plus channels, including NBC, USA and NBCSN. But right now, Sling is offering the first month for half price.

If you love sports, you might want to check out Fubo.TV. It’s got a 7-day free trial so you don’t need to pay up front and has dozens of sports channels, including NBC, USA and NBCSN.

In addition to showing selected Premier League live streams, Peacock has a huge library of licensed content drawn from various brands. That includes shows like 30 Rock, The Voice, Battlestar Galactica, Law & Order: SVU and This Is Us.

How to watch Premier League live streams in Canada

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Canadians are just as lucky as their southern neighbors, because they can watch every Premier League live stream on Fubo.TV(opens in new tab).

That’s a change from last season, where the action was on DAZN, and it also results in a slightly higher price of CAN$24.99 where DAZN was $20. That’s for the Essentials plan, which gets you all Premier League matches, all Serie A matches plus 29 channels including BeInSports and MLB Network. The $39.99 Premium plan adds 20 entertainment channels and more on top of that.

Either way, you’ll be well fixed for EPL action in Canada this season.

Canadians stuck abroad that still want their low-price alternative can use a VPN such as ExpressVPN(opens in new tab) to trick their streaming device to thinking it’s back in the great white north.

How to watch Premier League live streams in the UK

You can’t watch every EPL game live in the U.K. due to blackout laws — but as with last season, a total of 200 games will be streamed live across Sky Sports, BT Sport and Prime Video.

Sky Sports(opens in new tab) has the majority of them, with 128 live games plus huge amounts of supporting coverage including highlights and analysis packages. If you already have a Sky subscription that doesn’t include Sports, you’ll need to pay £18/month to add those channels. You’ll also gain access to coverage in 4K and HDR, so long as you also have an HDR-ready Sky Q box and HLG-compatible TV. And of course that will also give you Sky Sports F1, Cricket, Golf and more.

Sky Glass TV showing Premier League football

Sky Glass(opens in new tab) is another option. This revolutionary device gives you Sky TV within a 4K TV that has a built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar. What’s more, there’s no need for a dish — just a Wi-Fi connection. Sky Glass starts at £13/month for the smallest 43in TV, plus £26/month for Sky Entertainment and another £25/month for Sports. But Sky is currently throwing in Entertainment for free for three months, making this a great way to watch the start of the season.

If you don’t want to shell out for a full Sky sub, you could also consider its Now(opens in new tab) Sports streaming service. This gives you 24-hour access for £9.99 or month-long access for £33.99.

Over on BT Sport(opens in new tab) you’ll be able to watch 52 games in the 2022-23 Premier League. Prices differ hugely depending on whether you already have BT TV and a BT broadband subscription. If you have both, you can add the Sports package for £16/month plus a £20 upfront fee, or go for the £41/month Big Sports package which also includes all of the Sky Sports channels, giving you a total of 160 live streams.

Another option for non-BT subscribers is the BT Sport Monthly Pass(opens in new tab) (£25), which is similar to Now Sports in that it lets you watch via an app for a fixed time.

Finally, 20 games will be shown on Prime Video(opens in new tab), which is handy if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription. And as always, highlights will also be available on the BBC’s Match of the Day show, available free-to-air via the BBC iPlayer(opens in new tab).

All sounds great, right? But if you’re not in the U.K., you can still follow the games by using one of the best VPN services, such as ExpressVPN(opens in new tab).

How to watch Premier League live streams in Australia

Aussies can watch all 380 Premier League 21/22 live streams on Optus Sport(opens in new tab), which can be accessed via a dedicated mobile or tablet app, and also on Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV and Fetch TV.

Prices unfortunately went up from 1 August, so it now costs $24.99 AUD per month. An Annual Pass is also available for $199 AUD/year.

Not in Australia right now? You can simply use a VPN to watch all the action on your Optus account, as if you were back home.

How to watch Premier League live streams in New Zealand

Once again, New Zealanders get access to all 380 Premier League live streams this season via a single service — in this case, Sky Sport(opens in new tab). This costs $60.98 NZD per month, or you could go for the Sky Sport Now service, which gives you just the Sport channels but for a reduced cost of $19.99/week / $39.99/month or $399/year.

Not at home in New Zealand right now? You can still follow every game by using one of the best VPN services, such as ExpressVPN(opens in new tab).


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