Ben Affleck cheated on Jennifer Lopez with another famous actress

The marriage between American actor, director, screenwriter and film producer Ben Affleck. American actress, dancer and designer Jennifer Lopez. Is undoubtedly one of the most popular celebrity marriages today. However, their love has been far from easy, and there some rumours of infidelity on the actor’s part.

After 17 years of separation, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decide. Get together again, but this time to take the final step in their long love story: marriage.

The social networks receive with great joy the union of both celebrities. Since their first romance was quite commente at the time.

Ben Affleck cheated on Jennifer Lopez with another famous actress

In addition to that, both now have more than established careers, and are in a much more mature stage for both of them.However, it is said that the Oscar winner was unfaithful to “The Bronx Diva” with another famous actress, someone who is actually much closer to the actor than we think.

Rumours claimed that while engaged to JLo, the Pearl Harbor actor was unfaithful to his now wife with his ex-partner and mother of his three children, actress Jennifer Garner.

The ‘Argo’ director is also said to have had an affair with Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus. But even so, this has not yet been verifie.

Jennifer Lopez with another famous actress

At the moment, and despite numerous rumours of a new break-up, the marriage between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez seems to be on the right track. In the end, time will tell if the two celebrities are right for each other.

Is the perfect marriage over? Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage has been mired in controversy. Despite the short time they have been marrie. The couple has already face hundreds of rumours of fights allegedly due to the actor’s smoking and the singer’s controlling side. However, the new theory would point to a stronger situation between them.

According to several national media, Ben Affleck could have cheate on Jennifer Lopez with at least 2 women. Who are they? We tell you everything we know.

Ben Affleck broke a strong promise he made to JLo
A few days ago some media reported that the couple could possibly have a strong fight because Ben Affleck would have broken a promise he made to Jennifer Lopez on their wedding day. What did he promise her? The “Batman” star has a smoking problem, so he would have let his wife know that he would no longer smoke to take care of his health.

However, Affleck was spotte at a gas station smoking, a situation that would not go down well with JLo.

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