The 10 films that are the talk of tweeters this day

With more than 300 million users, Twitter has become one of the favourite social networks. Internet users, who see in this platform the means to find out about the most commente. Relevant or important events of the moment, so the entertainment industry also finds here a “meter” of popularity.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus or HBO Max. Aware of the impact that Twitter can have, so they seek to position their series and films in the trending topics to arouse. The interest of more users who can reproduce the productions and join the conversation.

The 10 films that are the talk of tweeters this day

Although in the new digital age it could be easy to get lost among the 65 million. Tweets that are written every day, Twitter trends -which will always be characterised by the use of the famous hashtags- can be a guide to which titles are trending.

Arthur Fleck is a man ignored by society, whose motivation in life is to make people laugh. But a series of tragic events will lead him to see the world differently. The film is based on Joker, the popular DC Comics character and Batman’s arch-villain, but in this film he takes on a darker and more realistic side.

Set more than a decade after the events of the first film Avatar: The Way of Water. Telling the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their children). The problems that haunt them, what they have to do to stay safe, the battles they fight to stay alive and the tragedies they suffer.

The 10 films that are the talk of tweeters this day

El dúo de superhéroes Scott Lang y Hope Van Dyne, junto con los padres de Hope, Hank Pym y Janet Van Dyne, se encuentran explorando el Reino Cuántico, interactuando con extrañas criaturas nuevas y embarcándose en una aventura que les llevará más allá de los límites de lo que creían posible.

Although Twitter has been called the SMS of the internet for its messages that allow a maximum of 280 characters (originally 140 characters), this is not the only thing that has been credited with the success of the blue bird network, but also trends.

It was in 2008 when the platform launched this tool and the company’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey, described it as the “evolution of morning news”, for while previously a person would have found out the most important news by reading newspapers or watching the morning news, now the trends blog gave Twitter users a glimpse of what was considered important at any given time.