Stop insulting elder statesmen in name of politics

The immediate past regent of Warri Kingdom and Chairman of Warri Consultative Forum, WCF, Prince Emma Okotie-Eboh has admonished young politicians to desist from impugning the hard-earned image of our respected political gurus in the name of party politics for adopting their preferred candidate for the 2023 presidential election.

Emma Okotie-Eboh, a scion of Nigeria’s first finance Minister, Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh made this remark in Warri on Saturday in remembrance of the death of his father killed 57 years ago in a bloody coup, saying it’s the height of insult for political neophytes to use uncouth vituperations on elderly and World recognized Nigeria leaders for voicing their choice as to who should lead the Country.

Stop insulting elder statesmen in name of politics

He noted that Obasanjo’s adoption of Peter Obi is his personal opinion and should not agitate the mind of any Nigerian except those that truly do not know his worth in the Nigerian political landscape.
” Like other elder statesmen in the class of Chiefs E.K. Clark and Pa. Onabanjo, he must have seen something in Obi that the younger generation of politicians cannot see even if they climb the mountain top”.

He opined that in a democracy everyone has the choice and freedom of expression and association, saying that the various presidential candidates that have trooped to the homes of these men of great wisdom to consult with them must have weighed their political values towards realising their ambition.

Stop insulting elder statesmen in name of politics

Okotie-Eboh who also is Chairman of the Jubilee Campaign Council of the Delta State APGA gubernatorial Candidate, Chief Great Ogboru has charged those condemning these fathers of Nigerian Politics to mind their business or hide heads in shame, noting that if the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi is their preferred candidate so let it be or go to blazes.

He stated that the hirelings of those unadopted presidential candidates who took pains to visit Obasanjo Abeokuta are only performing jobs to earn their wages for stomach infrastructure sake, adding that their principal acknowledged the political values of Obasanjo to their political ambition and therefore charged them to accept their un adoption as their luck and move on with their campaigns peacefully hoping only for Nigerians to make the right choice come the 2023 general election.

He further called on Deltans to vote massively for Chief Great Ogboru during the gubernatorial elections to change the narrative in Delta State, saying that APGA and Ogboru is the only key to moving the state forward for the benefit of all without discrimination.