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Sci-fi adventure Deliver Us Mars comes to PlayStation, Xbox and PC


Publisher Frontier Foundry and Dutch developer KeokeN Interactive have reveale the launch trailer for Deliver Us Mars. A narrative sci-fi adventure game available today on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store for €29.99. PC users can also get their hands on a Deluxe Edition that includes. The base game and original soundtrack for £34.99.

Deliver Us Mars is set 10 years after the events of Deliver Us The Moon. When humanity is closer than ever to extinction. Players step into the shoes of trainee astronaut Kathy Johanson. Who joins the crew of the space shuttle Zephyr as they travel to Mars to retrieve massive colony ships known as ARKs.

Sci-fi adventure Deliver Us Mars comes to PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Which have the power to reverse the effects of climate change on Earth. These ships stolen by Outward, a shadowy organisation that seize. This technology and decided to leave humanity behind.

Kathy’s journey to Mars also hides a personal motive and a mission to uncover the truth. The disappearance of her father, whom she does not believe to be dead after receiving a mysterious distress message from the Red Planet. KeokeN Interactive describes the story of Deliver Us Mars as “an epic, global drama” that focuses on the relationship between a father and daughter. We tell their personal story against an epic backdrop of saving the planet,” says Raynor Arkenbout, narrative director.

Sci-fi adventure Deliver Us Mars comes to PlayStation, Xbox and PC

When they arrive on Mars, players will have to explore different scenarios. From sand-ravaged settlements and
sand-ravaged settlements and icy valleys to abandoned ARKs. Each offering different challenges. Astronaut Kathy must overcome platforms, solve puzzles and navigate in zero gravity. On a gameplay level, Deliver Us Mars inherits many features from Deliver Us The Moon. New systems and mechanics such as a revamped character control and climbing system. In addition to action and exploration, there is also decision making.

This week sees the arrival of Deliver Us Mars on PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One (Steam Deck not working, pending a launch patch), the “sequel” to Deliver Us The Moon, which is based on very similar ideas and gameplay.

Developed by indie studio KeokeN Interactive and published by Frontier Developments, in this review of Deliver Us Mars for PC we’ll tell you what this new space epic has to offer, whether there are any notable differences from the previous game and whether or not the overall experience is worthwhile.