Resident Evil 4 Remake may finally come to Xbox One as well

Resident Evil 4 Remake surprised everyone when in addition to confirming its release on Xbox Series X/S, PC and PS5, it also announced that it was coming to PS4 but not Xbox One, leaving many last-gen gamers completely out in the cold. However, it seems that not all is said and done in this regard as Amazon UK has listed the game in its previous generation version on Microsoft’s consoles.

In the accompanying image you can clearly see the difference between the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions, and to make matters worse, the purchase options discriminate between the different editions.

Resident Evil 4 Remake may finally come to Xbox One as well

At the moment, nothing has been officially confirmed from Capcom’s side, maybe at the next showcase of the Japanese company we will have some kind of news on this aspect.

What is confirmed is that Resident Evil 4 Remake will arrive on March 24, 2023 and that it is an update of the classic fourth numbered Resident Evil game with fully updated graphics, and a somewhat “revamped” story, although, at the moment, the explanation for this adjective is somewhat uncertain and shrouded in mystery.

We’re just over a month away from Resident Evil Village Gold Edition hitting the market and in the lead up to its release, we’ve been hearing a lot of details about the development, including that Chris Redfield was going to be the original protagonist of the DLC.

This was revealed by the director of Shadows of Rose in an interview with GamesRadar, where he detailed some ideas of the extra content that will complement the story that Ethan Winters lives in a village full of horrors of all kinds.

Had Chris been cast as the protagonist, the DLC would most likely have been very different and with a more action-focused twist like Not a Hero was in the seventh instalment, with a story very similar to what was seen in Resident Evil 7.

Fortunately for survival horror fans, the developers finally decided that the DLC would star Rose Winters and function as a sequel and definitive closure to the Winters’ story, and yes, with a horror focus like the last two installments of the main series.

Shadows of Rose will arrive on 28 October via the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which will also include the long-awaited third-person view, as well as new characters for the Mercenaries mode.

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