Pele’s daughter poste a photo of herself hugging the King in a hospital bed.

Kely Nascimento poste a picture with Pelé on her Instagram account. O Rei’ has been hospitalised since November 29. Kely Nascimento, Pelé’s daughter, poste a photo on Friday night hugging ‘O’ Rei’ in bed. The Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo. Where the sports legend has been hospitalise since November 29. After a worsening of colon cancer and treatment for a respiratory infection.

For the first time since her father was hospitalise. Kely posted pictures of Pelé’s body and face. “We are still here, in the fight and in faith. One more night together the King’s daughter posted on Instagram.

Pelé’s health: see the latest medical bulletin

Admitted since 29 November for re-evaluation of chemotherapy therapy for a colon tumour and treatment of a respiratory infection, Edson Arantes do Nascimento presents progression of the oncological disease and requires further care related to renal and cardiac dysfunctions. The patient remains hospitalised in a common ward, under the necessary care of the medical team.

O’ Rei’, 82, has metastatic cancer and is currently receiving more specific treatment for bronchopneumonia, which is the inflammation of lung structures such as bronchi and alveoli. The diagnosis was reveale by ESPN on Thursday 1 December.

Why was Pelé hospitalise?

As ESPN reporte, Pelé was rushe to the Einstein by his wife, Márcia Aoki. A caregiver after he develope swelling all over his body (anasarca, in the medical term) on 29 November. For this reason, the hospitalisation this time was not schedule as in the King’s last trips to the place. In the south zone of São Paulo, always for the maintenance of chemotherapy.

The report also found that the chemotherapy performe in recent months. Longer shows response in the lung, one of the three organs already affecte by the disease. The cancer in the former player was identifie in September 2021 and began. According to information from the family and medical staff. In the colon (intestine). In January this year, ESPN revealed that the liver and lungs were also affecte.

On 4 December, ESPN also reporte that in the days leading up to the emergency hospitalisation, the only player to win the World Cup three times (1958, 1962 and 1970) had COVID-19 (he teste positive on 17 November), had snoring in his lungs and had a below-normal heart rate.

A day earlier, on Saturday (3 December), Folha de S. Paulo reporte that Pelé is under exclusive palliative care. As a result, he remains in a common room and does not go to the intensive care unit (ICU), given his fragility.


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