Patricia Maldonado featured in a rough and spicy song

The panelist Patricia Maldonado is pointed out in the last hours by a recognized comedian that will appear in the next days on the stage of the “Quinta Vergara”. The replacement of Yerko Puchento has given what to talk about in the last hours with an absolute for the singer.

The well-known singer and critical columnist of television, Patricia Maldonado has received an unexpecte dedication with a song that seemed to have been left in the past. The comedian announced to the Viña Festival has given what to talk about in social networks.

Patricia Maldonado feature in a rough and spicy song

The event has appeared in the last hours, when the comedian invited to the Viña del Mar Festival, Diego Urrutia shared an audiovisual on Twitter making reference to the TV+ panelist. For this reason, the musical with negative lyrics, has achieved the reproduction of thousands of ‘followers’.

The comedian, who will replace Yerko Puchento in the music festival, has revived a song that dates back to 2020, when he changed the lyrics to the song Coronao Now (by El Alfa and Lil Pump), to dedicate it exclusively to the host of “Las Indomables”.

Patricia Maldonado feature in a rough and spicy song

You also change the lyrics of the songs?”, asked the star comedian of the moment, to give an account in his clip of a song that contains several words with characteristics attributed to the old age of the person, adding contempt, humiliation and mistreatment, mentioned to the panelist of “Tal Cual”.

The 27-year-old comedian will be the comedy card at the upcoming International Song Festival in Viña del Mar, and who has risen to fame for his interactions in different social networks. In addition to Instagram, the singer also uses the TikTok network, where he has close to one million followers.

The truth is that the Temuco-born and journalist from the Universidad de la Frontera has launched himself against Patricia Maldonado, adding an old video that quickly went viral in different social networks, associating numerous criticisms towards the singer.