Oppo brings its battery-free Zero-Power Tag to MWC 23

Surely when we talk about tracking devices of some brands. The first thing that comes to mind is what happens when the battery runs out or when someone decides to disconnect it.

And that is why Oppo brings us its Zero-Power Communication technology. Which seeks to avoid the need to use batteries. As it is capable of collecting and transforming the ambient radio frequency energy of its environment, resulting in more efficient equipment.

Oppo brings its battery-free Zero-Power Tag to MWC 23

And so comes the Oppo Zero-Power Tag, which takes advantage of technologies such as RF signal harvesting. Backscattering and low-power computing, as well as meeting the diverse needs of the Internet of Things in the coming 6G era.

It will be interesting to see what other uses Oppo can perfect these devices for. As it seems that the era of energy efficiency is already upon us with a view to the upcoming implementation of 6G as well.

Lithium is vital. Most of today’s portable electronic devices rely on batteries. A power source. And these batteries are generally made of lithium.

Oppo brings its battery-free Zero-Power Tag to MWC 23

This is true for most modern batteries, as the use of this material is part of a long road of improvements and innovations over the years. The current battle is over which battery provides more mAh, mainly in smartphones, with longer battery life in mind. But it seems Oppo has gone one step further with a science fiction-like milestone: a battery-free device that uses the energy around it.

Zero-Power: How does it work?
Zero-Power Communication technology eliminates the need for batteries. That claim, made at Oppo’s presentation at MWC in Barcelona this week, stunned us. How does it work? The technology is able to collect and transform ambient radio frequency energy from its surroundings, resulting in very compact, more efficient and low-cost devices.

OPPO has demonstrated Zero-Power Tag, the first prototype device based on OPPO Zero-Power Communication technology. Through radio-frequency signal collection, backscattering and low-power computing, Zero-Power Tag captures radio waves from the surrounding area to power its own functionality and communicate without a battery.

This tag, like other devices from other brands, is used to locate objects you hang it on. But for the first time it is “battery-free”.

Could this technology be applied to mobile phones in the near future? That would be wonderful.