New work by García Marquez to be published in 2024… Except in Mexico

In 2024, an unpublished novel by Nobel Literature Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez will see the light of day, ten years after the Colombian writer’s death, Penguin Random House announced on Friday.

The novel, calle “En agosto nos vemos”, will be publishe by the publishing house. In all Spanish-speaking countries except Mexico, in what it considers “the most important publishing event of the coming year”.

New work by García Marquez to be published in 2024… Except in Mexico

For years readers have been waiting for this work, which, like the rest of his personal archive. Was kept at the Harry Ramson Center in Austin (United States), to be publishe. Now his family has decide to bring it out, twenty years after his last publishe work, “Memoria de mis putas tristes”, in 2004.

In the words of his sons, Rodrigo and Gonzalo García Barcha. En agosto nos vemos” was “the fruit of a last effort to continue creating against all odds” by Gabriel García Márquez, nickname “Gabo” (1927-2014), winner of the 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature and father of the so-calle “magical realism”.

New work by García Marquez to be published in 2024

It was in 2008 when the late Colombian journalist José Salgar, whom García Márquez considere his teacher, told EFE that the author was finalising this novel, a work with which he intended to close the cycle that began in 1985 with “Love in the Time of Cholera” and continued with “Of Love and Other Demons” (1994) and “Memories of My Sad Whores” (2004).

The novel, as explained at the time, is the story of a high society woman who visits a seaside resort on the coast of Colombia every August, initially conceived by Gabo for short stories, of which he published one in El País and another in The New Yorker, and which he finally decided to turn into a novel.

Each chapter recounte one of the visits and, according to the account publishe in 1999 in The New Yorker, the woman’s name was Ana Magdalena Bach, she was 52 years old, happily married and visited her mother’s grave on a Caribbean island every year.

And each time she stayed in the same room in the same hotel, where one night on one of those August 16s she met a man in the bar.