Mujeres Impacta 2022: A recognition of women’s social entrepreneurship

Last week, as part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Mujer Impacta. The 10 Impacta Women 2022 were announced. The Foundation – a partner of Revista Paula – promotes women who transform realities. Making their stories visible and providing them with growth tools to expand the impact of their initiatives.

They have taken charge of solving social problems and aim to build a more humane. Just and caring society. Along with the recognition, the winners will become part of the collaborative work network: Red Mujer Impacta. The latter is a community of social entrepreneurs who work tirelessly for the benefit of others. from multiple perspectives. A collaborative space where the foundation provides support, commitment, visibility in the media, training, growth tools, courses, workshops and diploma courses.

Mujeres Impacta 2022: A recognition of women’s social entrepreneurship

Monica Hernandez, in 2016 as a judge at the Rio Olympics. Met a doctor who told her about a study on the benefits of Dragon Boat paddling for women breast cancer “survivors”. The Dragon Boat is of Chinese origin and requires a team of 12 to 22 people, who paddle together to the beat of a drum. One day, in the Carén Lagoon, she made a video to invite women to join in. Thus was born “Remadoras Rosas en Chile”, which today has almost 200 women in different parts of the country.

Rebeca Molina, a journalist, approache a teacher at the end of her career to find out how she could make a difference. She suggested that she focus on education. It was there that she learned about the serious consequences of truancy in society. He created the “Fundación Presente”, which focuses on the prevention of chronic absenteeism. The foundation has rescued more than 18,000 at-risk students and advise. More than 120 public and subsidised schools with high vulnerability rates throughout the country.

Constanza Daniels, invented “Revivir”, the first foundation in Chile that works exclusively to prevent. Dependency among people over 60 with intervention programmes aimed at strengthening the physical, emotional and social health of its beneficiaries. It is currently transforming the lives of more than 190 elderly people in Chile.

Pía Yovanovic, during the pandemic, decided to generate a campaign to support all entrepreneurs and SMEs in the VII Region. Motivating the people of the region to buy local products and join #PREFIERO EL MAULE (I PREFER THE MAULE).

Blanca Prat, founded “Amparos”, a project that accompanies those who suffer the death of a child during pregnancy or shortly after birth. It is a space for listening, support and practical advice. Through the memory boxes, these parents are able to cope with the pain, transform it into memory and be guided in their healing.

Bernardita Rojas created the RAFÁ Foundation and brought the “Compassionate Communities” project to Chile. A model that improves the quality of life of people with advanced diseases and their caregivers. Generating psychosocial, spiritual and community support networks. Since 2021, they have been developing this model in the Metropolitan Region. With the support of volunteers and neighbours to assist 30 bedridden patients and their 30 caregivers. In order to provide a more comprehensive service, they develope an application, the pilot of which is approve and in the process of implementation.

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