Mexican drug trafficker arrested at Aeroparque with more than 4 kilos of drugs to produce ecstasy

A Mexican man was arreste at Jorge Newbery Metropolitan. Airport after being found with more than 4.3 kilograms of MDMA. A substance used in the production of ecstasy pills.

After seizing the shipment, investigators confirme an estimate of what could manufacture. More than 13,500 pills valued at about 200,000 dollars, according to Customs.

The Mexican drug trafficker arrived from Chile. Was arreste after Customs-AFIP agents discovered that he had hidden drugs in a “double-bottomed” bag.

Mexican drug trafficker arreste at Aeroparque with more than 4 kilos of drugs to produce ecstasy

The irregularity of the baggage was discovere after it passed through the scanner: something suspicious was inside, so it was checked manually.

After emptying all the belongings that “at first glance” the Mexican was carrying. The bag was put through the scanner again. As they notice that its weight did not coincide with one of those characteristics when it was empty.

In the new check, the presence of rectangular objects that had not been seen at first was observe.

Aeroparque with more than 4 kilos of drugs to produce ecstasy

With the narcotics division on the scene, they proceede to open the bag and found the presence of MDMA powder. Divide into two containers of just over 2 kilos each, for which the passenger was detaine and the Justice Department was informed.

Customs indicated that MDMA is the main ingredient use in the manufacture of ecstasy. Commonly sold in pills containing other substances such as caffeine and aspirin.

Specialised agents of the General Directorate of Customs-AFIP estimate that, taking into account the purity and quantity of the drug found, more than 13,500 pills of 250 milligrams of MDMA each could have been produce.

On the local market, the drug in question can be worth around 45,000 dollars per kilo and around 15 dollars per pill, which is why they estimate that the accused could have made more than 200,000 dollars.

After the arrest of the Mexican citizen, it was found that before travelling to Argentina he had arrive in Chile on a flight from Barcelona, so it is being investigate whether he brought the drugs from there.

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