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Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: Date, Start time, live stream, PPV price, SHOWTIME Boxing Online

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: Date, tart time, live stream, PPV price, SHOWTIME Boxing Online
Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: Date, tart time, live stream, PPV price, SHOWTIME Boxing Online

Jake Paul, hated and loved by many, will once again step into the boxing ring. His opponent will be the legendary UFC champion Anderson Silva. You can find the analysis of the match and instructions for the live broadcast in the article.

Date and place: October 29, 2022 (October 30, from 03:00 CET), Glendale, Arizona, USA
Betting offer: Odds for this match found at all bookmakers
Boxing: Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva date and information

World boxing will see a controversial encounter. On the night of Saturday, October 29th to Sunday, October 30th, veteran Jake Paul will face Brazilian Anderson Silva, who has made quite a name for himself during his time in the UFC. This match again divides the fans into two camps.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: Date, tart time, PPV price

In any case, it arouses great emotions and attracts attention. Will the “problem child” score another winning streak, or can the “spider” stop him? Bet on the online registration bonus box HERE.

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva 8×3 min, cruiserweight: preview and tip (age, height, weight, balance)
After several courtships, Jake Paul got a famous rival. After wins over Gibe, Robinson, Askren and Tyron Woodley, he will face Anderson Silva, a former UFC middleweight champion, in the ring. Experts, fans and the president of the most famous MMA organization, Dana White, agree that this is the first real test for the native of Cleveland, who gained his popularity and fortune through the creation of videos on the YouTube platform.

The match Paul vs. Silva is a professional match scheduled for 8 rounds in weight up to 84.8 kg. 25-year-old Jake Paul goes into the game as the odds-on favorite. He has gained quite a lot of respect for his previous results and performances between the sixteen ropes, which was certainly not expected at the beginning of his boxing career. Only now, however, will it become clear how it really is.

Anderson Silva is literally a household name in the world of martial arts. He was at the top of the P4P rankings in the UFC for many years and is rightfully considered one of the best MMA fighters of all time. To this day, he holds the record for the number of days spent as a middleweight champion. He did not find the Slayer for 7 long years (2006-2013). Famous for his long arms and deadly kicks, for which he earned the nickname spider.

Unlike Paulola’s previous opponents, Silva is no stranger to classic boxing. After the end of his MMA career in 2020, he managed to defeat Tito Ortiz or Julio Cesar Chavez in the ring and clearly showed that he is serious about boxing despite his advanced age.

Jake Paul has shown several times that it doesn’t pay to underestimate him. Also thanks to the Czech liaison, Jon Mariank, we know that the boxing career is now an absolute priority for Paul, which is why he even moved to Puerto Rico. We suggest that the “problem child” will take the initiative in the second half of the match and, thanks to his better condition, lead the match to a winning end.

How to box Anderson Silva vs. Jake Paul watch live? Online livestream, PPV showtime, live broadcast on TV
We recommend watching the live stream offer at the Tipsport betting office, where you can bet on this match with a great registration bonus after a simple online registration. The official PPV stream will cost $19.99 on the showtime platform.

Duel Anderson Silva vs. Jake Paul will not be running live on TV here, so online live streams on the Internet are the only option to watch this match live.

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva fight card: results, schedule
The complete program of the boxing gala evening with the main attraction Paul vs. You can find Silva at this location.

When and where will Jake Paul be boxing today?

Boxer and YouTuber Jake Paul will fight the Brazilian Anderson Silva on October 29 in Arizona. The match analysis and betting tip found in the article here

Who is the favorite for the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva?

The betting odds changed after the match was announced. Now Jake Paul is the slight favorite, but punters are also heavily tipping Anderson Silva to win.

There will be a match between Anderson Silva vs. Jake Paul live stream live for free?
Spicy boxing duel Paul vs. Silva will be available to watch live on the Internet. Details are provided inside the article.


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