Guilty Gear Strive coming to Xbox Game Pass this March

After ending its exclusive run on PlayStation, Guilty Gear Strive is coming in a big way to Xbox and Game Pass in a few days.

Almost a year after its first release on PlayStation, Guilty Gear Strive is coming to Xbox Game Pass this March. Whether it’s for last-gen consoles like Xbox One or even the next-gen version for X|S Series.

Guilty Gear will make its Xbox debut on the console’s flagship service. This entertaining fighting game comes to enrich the Game Pass catalogue. bringing variety to fans of this genre that has been so competitive since its arcade beginnings.

Guilty Gear Strive coming to Xbox Game Pass this March

All Xbox Game Pass users will be able to access and enjoy this exciting anime-themed fighting game from 7 March. This addition to the Game Pass catalogue joins other titles that will also have a place in the service such as Mount & Blade II, Souls Hackers 2, F1 22, and one of the most anticipated and eye-catching for its Souls-Like setting and mechanics, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Guilty Gear Strive hits Xbox Game Pass on its first Xbox launch day
Guilty Gear Strive will also arrive in the traditional form on the Microsoft Store for a hefty £39.99. While there are a few fighting games on Xbox Game Pass.

Guilty Gear Strive coming to Xbox Game Pass this March

It’s not a genre that’s abundant on the subscription service, so the arrival of Guilty Gear will feed the more competitive fans. Guilty Gear has a strong presence in competitive fighting game events. This title also offers a 2.5D visual style, just as Dragon Ball FighterZ does.

While it is highly regarded by competitive gamers for its “technical” mechanics, it is also considered a cult game due to its not-so-extensive fame. However, this is a big win for Xbox and Game Pass as they offer their users games of all types and genres regardless of their production cost. As a result, many gamers discover new titles every day, generating more fans for lesser-known franchises.