Farmers will be able to access a “virtual showcase” to sell their products.

Verified members of the platform will experience increased visibility and have, on average, a 97% acceptance rate for their shipments.

( ProducePay, the international trade platform for agricultural products, announce the introduction of “Storefronts” to its interface, a new feature that offers farmers. A customise portal to market their brand, showcase available products and initiate transactions with truste and verified buyers, all in one place.

These “Storefronts” provide agricultural producers with a unique online destination to attract. New business partners and interact with buyers from around the world in real time.

Farmers will be able to access a “virtual showcase” to sell their products.

Producers can customise their online storefront to share details about their field operations. Farming practices, business history and sustainability commitments.

Storefronts really stem from our mission to increase transparency and sustainability in the agricultural industry,” said Patrick McCullough, CEO of ProducePay. “The introduction of this new feature allows producers to expan their business with buyers around the world.

This level of openness breaks down international trade barriers and creates the foundation of trust needed to create resilient and efficient supply chains.”

Farmers will be able to access a “virtual showcase” to sell their products.

Farmers who become verified members of the startup will gain additional benefits on the platform. In addition to receiving verification badges to display in their “virtual showcases”, they will experience increased visibility on the platform and a competitive advantage with buyers over other producers; on average, they have a 97% acceptance rate for their shipments.

Good practices through verification
ProducePay producers become verified members by undergoing a process that includes field visits to corroborate production history, certifications, sustainable practices and the quality of their products. By purchasing their products from verified members, buyers – distributors, supermarket chains, retailers and convenience stores in Mexico and the United States – can be assured that their shipments will arrive in a timely manner.

These “virtual storefronts” will enhance the online experience for produce buyers worldwide. Retailers, distributors and grocery shops will have the ability to search for products according to their needs and get information about the acceptance rate of deliveries, the timeliness of shipments and the number of successful deliveries made by the grower. Shoppers will also be able to send messages, questions or commercial offers directly to a producer from the shop page.

In addition to the launch of Storefront, the platform now integrates the company’s unique services and financing solutions, including Pre-Harvest and Quick-Pay, so producers can more conveniently access these services directly on the platform.