Strona główna Aktualności Earthquake relief Residents turn to GoFundMe to recover

Earthquake relief Residents turn to GoFundMe to recover

Earthquake relief Residents turn to GoFundMe to recover
Earthquake relief Residents turn to GoFundMe to recover

As earthquake relief efforts continue, some residents have asked for donations to help them get through losing their homes and severe damage to their livelihoods.

Several GoFundMe accounts were set up to help provide additional aid to people impacte. The 6.4 magnitude earthquake which injured 17. Knocke out power, destroyed homes and left two dead in its wake.

Jessie Dunbar, a Reno resident, started a GoFundMe for her parents. Jamie and Ben Cohoon, whose home was severely damage and slid off its foundation.

Their chimney came off so now they have a six-by-six foot hole in their wall in their living room. Which was their only source of heat and now they have no heat,” Dunbar said.

Earthquake relief Residents turn to GoFundMe to recover

The Cohoon’s home was yellow tagge meaning it is still habitable albeit in need of repair. So her parents have been staying there and enduring the cold until they can fix the home. Dunbar said. Just for the chimney and foundation fixes, the Cohoon. Who do not have insurance, are looking at paying $50,000.

They had another property that was lost to the Dixie Fire last year, and Dunbar said she hopes her parents get some help.

For Jeff Paul, a Rio Dell resident, his rental home was damage so badly that authorities red-tagge it. Meaning he cannot go inside to retrieve what he estimates as roughly $10,000 of property, not to mention sentimental items.

“(My housing plans are) kind of in the air, I’m trying to save some money so I can pay deposits and rents and what I’ve spent just trying to the last few last weeks trying to recoup,” Paul said.

Paul’s GoFundMe, which was starte by a family friend, will help pay for housing, as he is currently staying at his aunt’s home in Eureka. His 13-year-old daughter, Tessa. Is staying with her mother in Arcata while Paul finds new housing.

GoFundMe pages are not the only way funds are being distribute to earthquake victims. The ​​Humboldt County, Rotary District 5130 has distributed funds to residents and businesses. The rotary club is offering small business recovery grants for up to $2,000.

“We’re so sorry about what’s going on up there, it’s just devastating. Kristine Redko, the rotary club’s public image chair, said. Sometimes at the holidays, these things just seem even worse because it’s suppose to be pleasant happy holiday times. Suffering but you know, Mother Nature doesn’t take a break.”