Digital Insure re-signs with La Mondiale Europartner

The broker Digital Insure (Odealim Group) has announced that it is once again working with La Mondiale Europartner. The Luxembourg subsidiary of AG2R La Mondiale to distribute the “La Mondiale Europrotection” provident scheme in Italy.

Digital Insure and La Mondiale Europartner will once again work together to distribute the “La Mondiale Europrotection” pension offer in Italy. The broker and the insurer, already associated for the distribution of the “Naoassur Protect” and “La Mondiale Europrotection” products, are going to offer this last product to a wealthy clientele in need of top-of-the-range protection.

Digital Insure re-signs with La Mondiale Europartner

Renamed “La Mondiale Prestigio Protection” for the occasion, the offer will make it possible to cover large sums of money, up to 20 million euros, and will have 3 options: “key man” and “between partners” guarantees for companies and family protection for individuals.

“This is an important step in the evolution of Digital Insure’s know-how. The platform, which is now multilingual, is likely to be adapte to all markets and also to adjust the processes and functionalities to the various specificities, particularly regulatory. For Italy, in particular, the 100% digital pathways are a major asset in a country where processes are still not very digital. Italian experts have joined the Digital Insure teams to develop the offer,” reads a press release.

Digital Insure re-signs with La Mondiale Europartner

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