Strona główna Biznes China offers $1,000 car that can be ordered online

China offers $1,000 car that can be ordered online

China offers $1,000 car that can be ordered online
China offers $1,000 car that can be ordered online

It looks like an extremely expensive toy car, but it is the cheapest car in the world. It is the Chinese model ChangLi S1-Pro, an all-electric vehicle that seats just three passengers. Including the driver, and costs a thousand dollars.

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ChangLi, the vehicle manufacturer. Offers its flagship model on the online shopping platform Alibaba at $1,131. If you buy several units, the price decreases.

China offers $1,000 car that can be ordered online?

The S1-Pro, although it has most of the functions of an ordinary car. Does not allow the driver to excee 40 kilometres per hour. It is designed for short distances only, as it has a range of up to 50 kilometres on a single battery charge.

According to its specifications, it is 2.5 metres long, 1.5 metres wide, 1.8 metres high, and weighs 323 kilograms.

Inside, the S1-Pro is far from sophisticate. It has room for just three people and the steering wheel.

China offers $1,000 car that can be ordered online

Chang Li S1-Pro is the name of the vehicle that comes to the industry as the cheapest car in the world, costing only 1,321 dollars (1 million 67 thousand Chilean pesos), with the price going down to 996 dollars (805.4 thousand Chilean pesos).

According to The Independent, this car is characterise by its electric, manual transmission and space for three to four people within its 2.4 metres in length, and can be purchased through the website of the Chinese company Changzhou Xili Car Industry – specialised in light vehicles – or through the online shopping giant Alibaba.

Once ordered, it is shipped like any other item, in a box to the buyer’s home.

It is also only capable of reaching between 30 and 40 kilometres per hour, has a range of 50 kilometres and, according to official photographs, the steering wheel with which it is piloted can be adapted. For this reason, it is already being used in some Asian villages as a taxi.

However, despite this, this vehicle cannot currently be use in Chile as it has not been approve by the CV3 Certification of the Ministry of Transport. With characteristics that make it unlikely to be accepte in the local regulations as a car suitable for use on the streets.