NFL schedule 2023: Tracking rumors, latest news ahead of official release

With the NFL Draft in the rearview mirror, football fans are almost ready to kick off the 2023 season. Teams have taken shape, coaching staffs fully assembled and fans are already looking forward. When and where their grills will be fired up before every game.

The NFL’s big post-draft event is here: The NFL schedule 2023 release. But when will all 32 teams have their schedules?

Well, news is trickling out with announcements of dates for some matchups, including the international series schedule. Primetime games on Black Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

NFL schedule 2023 leaks: Release date, Detroit Lions games, opponents

The Detroit Lions know their 17 opponents, which includes eight home games. Nine on the road, but we don’t yet know the week-to-week schedule.

But before you can create that grocery list, we must know the schedule. Like every other year, fans eagerly await the NFL schedule release announcement. Which determines their plans from September until early January.

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2023 NFL Schedule Release Date, Leaks, Rumors

How many primetime games will your team get? Do the schedule makers have big expectations for your squad, rewarding them with a holiday game or an international contest? More importantly, the schedule release can sometimes give us an idea of which voices will be the soundtrack to a team’s season. Which fanbase will get to hear ESPN’s Joe Buck and Troy Aikman narrate their games the most?

By the time the reveal show comes on the air, your hotels and flights are already booke. Buckle up NFL fans as this is only step one in writing the 2023 NFL season’s story.

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NFL schedule leaks 2023
The NFL will release the schedule in full on Thursday, May 11, starting at 8 p.m. ET on NFL Network.

Week 1
Cowboys at Giants (rumor, per Brandon Tierney)
Week 2
Eagles at Chiefs (rumor, per Donna Kelce)
Week 3

Week 4
Falcons vs. Jaguars in London (announced)
Week 5
Jaguars vs. Bills in London (announced)
Week 6
Ravens vs. Titans in London (announced)
Week 7

Week 8
Jets at Giants (rumor, per Brandon Tierney)
Week 9
Dolphins vs. Chiefs in Germany (announced)
Week 10
Colts vs. Patriots in Germany (announced)
Week 11

Week 12
Dolphins vs. Jets (announced)
Week 13

Week 14

Week 15

Week 16
Giants vs. Eagles (announced)
Week 17
Bengals vs. Chiefs (announced)
Week 18